Below you find the templates needed for printing covers, sleeves, labels and more for each vinyl format.
Instructions are included with each download as a PDF and should be read before you start designing.

PDF export guide

These are the settings you must follow when exporting your artwork to PDF-files from Adobe apps. The look might be a bit more gray if you export from the newer Adobe CC apps.

1. General tab
When exporting your files make sure to export each page separately if there’s more than one page in your original. The label template has two pages and you should export each range, 1 and 2, into two separate files.

2. Compression

Adjust the default values of downsampling to 400px per inch for Color and Grayscale images. Leave monochrome set to 1200px per inch. The “for images above” options should adjust automatically when you change the downsampling.

3. Marks and Bleeds
Make sure that you leave 5mm bleed around on each side. Everything else should be unchecked and left as shown below.

4. Output
Make sure that PDF/X output intent profile is set to Document CMYK – Coated FOGRA39.

Close up of the select option you should pick from the tab above.

Template archives

Each archive includes templates for Adobe Illlustrator and InDesign as well as a PDF template.


Download all templates for 12″  (.zip)


Download all templates for 7″  (.zip)